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Henryk Wieniawski

10 JULY 1835 - Birth of Henryk Wieniawski, Polish composer.
Henryk Wieniawski (July 10, 1835 Lublin, Congress Poland, Russian Empire - March 31, 1880 Moscow) was born into a Polish-Jewish family, whose father, Tobiasz Pietruszka, converted to Catholicism. His talent for playing the violin was recognized early on, and in 1843 he entered the Paris Conservatoire. After graduation, Wieniawski toured extensively, giving many recitals on which he was often accompanied by his brother Józef on piano. In 1847 Henryk Wieniawski published his first opus, a Grand Caprice Fantastique, the start of a modest but important catalog of 24 opus numbers.
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