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MUSIClassical Catalogers Index

Classical Composer Thematic Catalogers Page, BWV, Woo, k. etc
Cataloger Ident Codes, then Cataloger's name, then COMPOSER's Name
Including abbreviation of and cataloger's name, nationality, date of birth and death, Composer Cataloged, publication editions with dates, volumes and catalogs, and total number of works cataloged if the information is available. Opus is Latin for 'work'. Most often the opus number lists the order of the date the work was composed or published. Frequently, especially from the 1800's, a composer's publisher would give numbers to the scores to identify them and keep them apart from other publications. The composers of the period would often have different publishers in different cities and each publisher would assign their own opus numbers to the scores. In later years various musicologists assigned their own catalog numbers to all or most of a specific composers scores. These works are usually coded with the catalogers initials and the number assigned. We have listed the code followed by the cataloger in lower case and then the composer in caps.

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