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    A series of classical piano works has been added to the MUSIClassical radio stations playlist featuring pianist David Rubenstein. He has given concerts featuring the works of American composers such as Charles Griffes and Aaron Copland at the American Landmark Festivals, as well as performing his own works. Additional career highlights include the 1971 world premiere recording of several of Sibelius' piano works on the Musical Heritage Society label, currently re-issued on the Musicus Recordings label. Rubinstein made his American debut at the age of nineteen at the National Gallery of Art in a performance of Bach's Goldberg Variations, and his U.K. debut at London's Wigmore Hall. His piano teachers and mentors included George Kochevitsky and Claudio Arrau, and he studied the piano works of Aaron Copland with the composer. His performances typically feature lesser-known works such as the Prokofiev Fourth Sonata and the Busoni Elegies. He has appeared in recitals and orchestras throughout the U.S. and Europe. -- MUSIClassical supports Wikipedia

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    Some prominent families of classical musicians who have excelled in their field; i.e. son, father, mother, daughter, sister, or brother of a musician who achieved fame in music or another field. Ideas? Send contributions to ralan@musiclassical.net Thanks to list members and contributions of Karen Johnson, Alan Campbell and Leora Zeitlin who's father was the late violinist Zvi Zeitlin. She also tells us that Rudolf Serkin was the son-in-law of the violinist Adolph Busch, who himself was from a musical family. Which is another side of musical family trees- fathers-in-law or sons-in-law of other composers, such as: Bizet (son-in-law of opera composer Fromental Halevy) Wagner (son-in-law -- though not legally -- of Liszt) Josef Suk (son-in-law of Dvorak).

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    Jennifer Higdon An Exaltation of Larks BRIDGE 9379

    The Lark Quartet with: Gary Graffman, Blair McMillen, Todd Palmer
    Jennifer Higdon (b. 1962) is a winner of the Pulitzer Prize and Grammy award, and is one of the most performed living American composers working today. Ms. Higdon's upcoming work includes an opera on Charles Frazier’s book, “Cold Mountain”, for Santa Fe Opera and the Opera Company of Philadelphia. This recording feature three recent chamber works: In Scenes from the Poet's Dreams (composed for the performers who play it here) the piano left hand (virtuoso Gary Graffman) takes a prominent part in the unfolding of this highly contrasted work, bearing unusually descriptive titles: "Racing Through Stars", "Summer Shimmers Across the Glass of Green Ponds" etc.. Light Refracted is a meditation on light. The composer describes a first movement "that reflects on our inner light, and how we take that light in; and a second movement that is the opposite, our projection of light out to the world." She also writes about An Exaltation of Larks: "The first time someone told me that a collection of Larks is called an “Exaltation”, I immediately thought, 'What a sound an exaltation of larks must make!'--How to capture the beauty of the idea of exalting and singing? A string quartet seemed perfect!" This disc marks the debut of the Lark Quartet on Bridge.

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