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    MUSIClassical Family Tree N-Z

    Famous classical musician Family Trees
    Some prominent families of classical musicians who have excelled in their field; i.e. son, father, mother, daughter, sister, or brother of a musician who achieved fame in music or another field. Ideas? Send contributions to ralan@musiclassical.net Thanks to list members and contributions of Karen Johnson, Alan Campbell and Leora Zeitlin who's father was the late violinist Zvi Zeitlin. She also tells us that Rudolf Serkin was the son-in-law of the violinist Adolph Busch, who himself was from a musical family. Which is another side of musical family trees- fathers-in-law or sons-in-law of other composers, such as: Bizet (son-in-law of opera composer Fromental Halevy) Wagner (son-in-law -- though not legally -- of Liszt) Josef Suk (son-in-law of Dvorak).

    MUSIClassical Family Tree N-Z

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