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    Jonathan Plowright plays Brahms

    Dedicated to Clara Schumann, Brahms's Piano Sonata No.2 in F-sharp minor (1852) has to be one of the least characteristic of his early sonatas. The first movement features virtuosic passages juxtaposed with more reflective moments, something more typical of music by Franz Liszt than that of Brahms. But there is plenty of weighty Brahmsian writing within that which hints at his later style. Brahms actually completed most of the material for the piece before writing the First Sonata in C major, but published the latter ahead of it at Robert Schumann’s recommendation. ‘Jonathan Plowright delivers this highly charged musical argument with tremendous momentum, but is careful to follow Brahms’s meticulous pedal marks, thus ensuring that none of the full-blooded textures sound bloated,’ writes Erik Levi in his review of this recording in the Christmas 2014 issue of BBC Music Magazine.


    VIDEO: Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Piano Sonata No.3 in F Minor Op.5, played by Jonathan Plowright. III Scherzo. Allegro energico IV Intermezzo. Andante molto This is the fourth part of Brahms piano sonata No. 3 in F minor (Op. 5) played by British virtuoso Jonathan Plowright. It was recorded live at the Wigmore Hall, London on Saturday 15th November 2008.

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